hmm.. what story that i want to tell u toooooooday!??

okey, hmm.. lets seee...

activity? just -like ussual- activity stuff! nothing special!

>food? hmm... nothing special! just rice and stuff! **but im full with it! hihihi

>meet a new person?? ooor meet a new animal? ooooooooor meet a new "thing"? ...nope! just meet a same dumb ass but fun friends! in short : like ussual! >.<"

>cashflow ? minus! damn shit arrgh! but..its like ussual to ^_^

>internet or cool stuff? nope... nothing special either! just devart,friendster,indowebster, and download some emagz n song!

in another short sentence todays is.... DAMN FLAT!!!


but hey! look i got something different here! wohooo.. i write this post in english!
hmm.. i dont know why this time i writes in english, umm.. it just umm.. i just want it!

huff.. maybe its because,
this booring day, makes me show to the world how stupid i am in english!
damn! my grammar are so bad!

and blablablablabala... and so on so on so on.. etc etc etc!

aaaaaaaaaand this is the end of this post!

good bye! and see yaa!

**damn im soo bored!

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